FIPP Awards Ceremony

Master of Ceremonies

Maarten van Kleef, MD, FIPP

Opening Remarks – Local Organizing Committee

Edit Racz, MD, FIPP
Agnes Stogicza, MD, FIPP
Lorand Eross, MD, PhD, FIPP


Richard L. Rauck

Presentation of Certificates to Fellows of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) WIP Board of Examination Members and WIP Executive Board Members FIPP honorees from Budapest 2012 and Maastricht 2013 FIPP Examinations

Budapest FIPP Examination September 2012
Maastricht FIPP Examination June 2013

FIPP Examination Information

The 24th WIP FIPP Examination

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Registar of FIPP Examination Applications

James Heavner, DVM, PhD, FIPP
Director of WIP FIPP Examination Applications
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
3601 4th Street MS: 8182, Room 1C282
Lubbock, Texas USA 79430

Mark Tolliver, FIPP Examination Coordinator
Phone: +1 336 760 2939
Fax: +1 336 760 5770