Welcome Introduction

The 8th International Symposium on Cell/Tissue Injury and Cytoprotection/ Organoprotection being held in Budapest, September 24-26, 2014, in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and in the famous Hotel Gellert. The Symposium has been recognized as IUPHAR Meeting of the 17th World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.

The Symposium follows a range of internationally acknowledged and highly successful series held in Heidelberg (1986), Boston (2000), Long Beach (2006, 2008), Yalta (2011), St. Petersburg (2011), and recently in Honolulu (2012).

These symposia have become a scientific forum for experts to present and discuss their most recent results and concepts as well as to integrate novel findings on the mechanisms, manifestations, diagnosis and consequences of cell and tissue injury. Moreover, based on the new findings about cell and tissue injury novel concepts for pharmacologic prevention/ therapy of tissue damage in organ systems have been developed.

In the beginning, the symposia focused on cell/tissue injury and cytoprotection/ organoprotection in the upper GI tract. Recently, new developments in pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases have also become topics of the symposia. The symposium in Budapest will include further topics on the mechanisms of cell injury and protection, e.g., heart and CNS. Discussion of common and distinct mechanisms of damage and protection in various organs may stimulate "cross-talk" and thinking among scientists of different fields of research.

We expect scientists from more than 10 countries. It is our pleasure to welcome them in Budapest, and provide an opportunity to present their results, exchange ideas, and stimulate interpersonal connections. During the symposium new and returning professionals will come together. We wish all participants a very pleasant stay, we hope the beautiful milieu and exciting scientific program of the symposium will make your visit unforgettable in Budapest, Hungary.

Prof. Dr. Klara Gyires
Chair of the Symposium

Prof. Dr. Beata Sperlagh
Co-Chair of the Symposium