Tendering operation and presentation

Tendering operation and presentation

  • Preparing and assembling the tender documentation
  • Providing information materials
  • Presentation of the tender on the Board Meeting
Venue selection and reservation

Venue selection and reservation

  • Selection of the most suitable venue and halls taking demand and budget into consideration
  • Plenary and section halls
  • Trade exhibition, workshop, symposia, poster session halls
  • Registration, cloakroom, and other areas
  • Equipment and furniture requirements
  • Stages, auditorium
  • Air-conditioning, parking
  • Planning of the requested conference technology
  • Planning of catering
Design, printing services, mailing

Design, printing services, mailing

  • Logo and image design of the event
  • Design, edit and print of the conference publications: announcements, leaflets, final programme, abstract book, tickets, invitation cards
  • Set-up and design event website
  • Designing: CD-ROM and website
  • Decoration of the venue, stage and conference room design
  • Compiling and managing mailing lists
Abstract handling

Abstract handling

  • On-line abstract handling
  • Preparing a database
  • On-line access of committee members to the abstracts
  • On-line evaluation of the abstracts
  • Creating lists, different filtering options (confirmation, abstract booklet, etc.)
  • Confirmation of authors, invitation of chairs
  • Set-up and compilation of the final scientific programme
  • Editing and printing of the abstract booklet
Registration: individuals and groups

Registration: individuals and groups

  • Registration: on-line or paper based
  • Conference/event registration
  • Accommodation requests
  • Catering (vegetarian, kosher, etc.)
  • Social and optional tours
  • Pre- and post-congress tours
  • Processing and confirmation of applications
  • Correspondence and continuous contacts with the participants
  • Computerised registration of participants lists and statistics
  • Full process of payment and invoicing


  • Reservation of accommodation in wide range of hotel categories
  • On-line reservation, on-line payment through conference/meeting website
  • Group reservations
  • Handling of special queries and individual problems
  • Correspondence and continuous contacts with the participants
  • Providing rooming lists
  • Full processing of payment and invoicing
Social events

Social events

  • Venue selection
  • Set-up and decoration of the venue
  • Catering management
  • Multi media and technical equipments
  • Management of cultural, musical, entertainment programmes and highlights
  • Preparing the script
  • Contracting hostesses, masters of ceremony
  • Transfer arrangements
Optional tours

Optional tours

  • “Tailor-made” cultural, musical, sport, etc. programmes, sightseeing tours, historical tours taking in consideration age, interest, culture and other aspects
  • Engaging guides
  • Transfer arrangements
  • Catering
  • Booking and co-ordination of tour accommodation
  • Providing professional tour guides
Exhibition and sponsorships

Exhibition and sponsorships

  • Acquisition of exhibitors and sponsors
  • Full coordination of advertising activities and marketing of the conference
  • Production and distribution of Exhibition and Sponsorship Manuals, leaflets, brochures and floor plans
  • Handling and co-ordinating the bookings
  • Providing services related to the Exhibition – technical and furniture service, lodging, transport, customs etc.
  • Considering individual claims
  • Organising logistics
  • Invoicing, managment of accounts
On-site services

On-site services

  • Registration and distribution of congress materials
  • Personal assistance  to VIP persons and authors
  • Coordination of interpreters
  • Supervising of transfers to and from the airport or other places
  • Providing security service for participants and exhibitors
  • Setting-up signs and posters for information
  • Meeting rooms and event halls management
  • Coordination of multi media, technical and simultaneous translation services
  • Supervision of subcontractors
  • Catering management
Financial managment

Financial managment

  • Set-up and supervision of the budget
  • Pre-financing
  • Management of different event accounts
  • Invoicing and collecting registration, accommodation and sponsorship, etc. fees
  • Handling and management of tenders
  • Collection of tender fees
  • Preparation and evaluation of detailed final accounts based on given standpoints and statistics